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With the goal of creating the perfect marriage between organic texture and modern design elements, I am proud to introduce this new line of accessories and objects.


This collection contains a variety of unique concepts of contrasting woods and textures. Producing each piece by hand ensures that it retains a certain amount of natural imperfections and variations. While some are a result of traditional craftsmanship techniques, others are a result of the creative use of a blow torch.


The burnt pieces feature a laborious charring process inspired by the traditional Japanese method of sealing wood called Yakisugi. The wood is charred with a torch then scraped along the grain using a stiff brush, once clean the process is repeated.


For the finish I use a two coat, food grade, hard wax oil that penetrates into the wood creating a highly durable finish that is silky smooth to the touch.

*Please contact me for any custom options like designs, woods and sizes and I will do my best to accommodate your needs.

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